Would You Take Advice From An 8 Year Old Entrepreneur?

Lemonade stand business

This story is pretty inspiring stuff.

An 8 year old boy decided to sell lemonade to his classmates to raise money for charity. He discussed his concept with his classmates in 3 presentations. The problem was very few of them liked or bought the lemonade.

Did he give up? No.

He was advised to sell to other classes but instead he asked the Principal if he could use the PA system and prompted all teachers to remind pupils of his lemonade stand an hour before lunch. Genius. He surpassed his fund raising goals in 2 weeks and he deserved to.

This approach is rather dramatically called the “host beneficiary relationship” but basically means, find someone of influence and power, then get them to endorse or advertise your product. It would have taken this young entrepreneur so long to engage with each class and even if he had, would he have been as influential as their teacher? Probably not.

The success of this 8 year old boy totally highlights the benefits of “engaging with people of influence”. This analogy also works well within social media. Have you ever been advised to engage with people of influence?

You can find the full story here, and we’d love to hear your comments below.

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