World Cup 2014. How Should Your Customers Promote It?

Promo Products World Cup 2014

Only 106 days 15 hours 57 minutes and 18 seconds to the start of the world cup

And there doesn’t seem to have been much hype about The World Cup this year (unless you include phycologists or building issues).

So what football themed products should your customers be using to promote it?

  • Stress footballs. An old one but who doesn’t get stressed watching a game?
  • Handclappers. Another oldie and a noisy one. Does the fact it’s still around mean it still works as a promotional product? Not sure.
  • T shirts. Always reliable, who doesn’t love a free branded T shirt (or indeed hoody if you’ve go the budget)?
  • Logo Bugs. Not a big fan as they don’t do anything so aren’t useful.
  • Chocolate Footballs. Definitely a winner for everyone, if it’s good quality chocolate.
  • Frosted Beer Mug. Nice promotional gift but is it controversial encouraging supporters to drink beer and possibly get rowdy but then do they get rowdy without beer anyway?
  • Whistles. Good option as they’re low cost and likely to be used therefore kept.
  • Football Pens. Pens always have a special place in consumers hearts as everyone always needs a pen.
  • Sports Bottles. Having your company name on a bottle is great exposure as people keep gifts like this.
  • A Good Old Fashioned Football. People tend to go football crazy, around the world cup, so sometimes giving something away, people will have fun with is great advertising.

So what do you think?

Please let us know. What’s the best way to advertise or what have we missed?
Or let us know some of the worst giveaways for the World Cup (can anything beat the Vuvuzela?)

Please leave a comment below.

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