What Promotional Product Lives The Longest?

What Promo Products Live Forever

Did your know the average promotional pen has 8 owners!

So surely it’s got to be the promotional pen?

8 owners is a serious audience and that’s just The Average Pen.

What about “favourite” pens? Everybody’s got them, haven’t they? The pen that makes your signature look a little sleeker. Or if you’re on the superstitious side, a “lucky” pen. That pen that will always be the deal closer or help make great things happen.

Pens are so abundant yet in any office, aside from The Stapler, they’re possibly the most coveted item around. How many times do you catch yourself asking, “have you got a pen?”

There’s so much choice too, it’s a product that really keeps up with the times. There are abundance of recycled pens and now also stylus pens to help us tap away at our touch screen devices.

So although we all strive to advertise our companies with something different, maybe the old concepts really are the best. 8 different people to see our company details or brand message is worth buying in to isn’t it?

So Here's The Question

Do you think there's a more powerful product out there?

We'd love to hear what promotional gift has worked best for you.

Please leave a comment below.

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