What People Will Do To Get A Promotional Gift

Promotional Products Bribe

In reality who doesn’t love a freebie?

So surely it’s got to be the promotional pen?

But it’s interesting to read the unquestionable power promotional products have and the lengths people will go to get one.

A recent ASI study shows that people will really take action to acquire them, covet them and gosh some people even steal them too! So here are some facts and figures for you.

  • 82% will take a survey to gain a promotional product.
  • 70.6% of end-users will go to a booth at a tradeshow
  • 41.8% will “LIKE” a company on Facebook or post a Tweet on Twitter
  • 33.2% will buy the “gift” with purchase
  • 27.7% will make a positive post about the company on a social networking site

It’s incredible to see 82% of people will give up their time to take a survey just to get a promotional product.

The fact people will make a point of visiting your stand at a Trade Show just to get a promotional product is pretty powerful stuff too.

And a promotional gift having the potential to get someone to “Like” your company on Facebook? Well who doesn’t need a little social media loving to get their company “out there” these days.

Of course the item given away needs to be “good” so while we’re on this subject what are the best promotional products you’ve been given?
We’d love to hear to hear about it.

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