Top Runners in the 2014 Sochi Olympics

Sochi 2014 Sledging

Who’s the best contender?

Now obviously we’re talking mascots and their promotional products not actual athletes!

This year there is an Interesting collection of mascots. Let’s start with The Polar Bear
He looks cute in a keyring and cuddly toy but he doesn’t look very, well, “athletic” does he?

Now The hare is a different story as these creatures are obviously renowned for their speed although I can’t help think of the tortoise and the hare story. Which doesn’t put them in a very good light either, does it?

The favourite has to be The Sochi Leopard, now who wouldn’t put money on a skating leopard? Little Ray and Snowflake are a bit random but there is no doubt about it, they do print well on promotional gifts.

And there is an amazing range of merchandise available for the winter olympics this year. There is everything from a Sochi talking ABC book for kids to beautiful Sochi, snowflake, silver earrings.

So Here's The Question...

Why not have a look and let us know your favourite?

There really are some fantastic promotional products --> Sochi Merchandise

I’d love to hear what products you love below.

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