Taking A Break Or Taking The Proverbial?

Santa queue

Christmas is indeed a magical time of year.

As much as I embrace certain rituals in life I’m not a big fan of routine so I love the fact that each day in December usually brings something different, from Nativity Plays to the endless Christmas parties.

It’s frustrating though that some companies use the concept of Christmas to…well do as little as possible really. It’s a time of year when consumers are a bit freer with cash so surely this should be embraced with open arms.

I was inspired to moan, I mean write about this because a supplier just informed us they were unable to deliver our order on time as they were closing 18th December. Now 20th I could almost understand but 18th is pushing it.

These suppliers chase us for orders all year then when we want to spend our cash, they take an extended holiday.

A trip to Santa epitomised this lethargy when the Big Man In Red said to my little girls, “well I better get a move on, there’s a big queue waiting”. Santa, have a heart they’ve waited all year to see you, another few minutes wait won’t make a difference, make the child you’re speaking to feel as enchanted as they deserve to.

And that is how Consumers should feel at Christmas, welcome and worthwhile. So let’s remember it’s not the season to be grumpy or lazy, it’s definitely the season to be jolly.

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