World Cup 2014. How Should Your Customers Promote It?

Promo Products World Cup 2014

And there doesn’t seem to have been much hype about The World Cup this year (unless you include phycologists or building issues). So what football themed products should your customers be using to promote it? So what do you think? Please let us know. What’s the best way to advertise or what have we missed?…

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Have You Heard The News? 4Imprint’s Sold SPS.

4Imprint sells SPS

… Direct marketing and printing group 4Imprint announced it had completed the sale of SPS to a private equity-backed management team for 7.25m pounds. The purchaser is Ensco 1024 Limited, a newly incorporated company controlled by the SPS Senior Management. As you know SPS is a supplier of promotional products to distributors in the UK…

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What Promotional Product Lives The Longest?

What Promo Products Live Forever

So surely it’s got to be the promotional pen? 8 owners is a serious audience and that’s just The Average Pen. What about “favourite” pens? Everybody’s got them, haven’t they? The pen that makes your signature look a little sleeker. Or if you’re on the superstitious side, a “lucky” pen. That pen that will always…

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Everything Environmental Growing

Growing Tree

It’s true, Everything Environmental have announced they’re taking full ownership of their European sister company, Eco Promo GmbH based in Wurzburg, Germany. In 2008, Eco Promo was originally set up as a joint venture between Everything Environmental and Memo AG (Germany’s largest environmental stationery supplier). Just recently the deal to buy back Memo AG’s 50%…

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Catalogues…The Curse Of The Promotional Industry

Stacks of catalogues

Free catalogues used to be a great way of suppliers getting their products in front of distributors. This morning, I find myself irritated at the arrival of yet another catalogue that was delivered by courier. I realise the company concerned are just trying to keep us updated of products and services but paper catalogues and…

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Do Suppliers Support Or Shaft Their Customers?

Shaft sign

They spend a fortune on Sales Reps, glossy catalogues and exhibiting at Trade Shows. But does any of this really help a distributor increase their revenue? Well maybe it would, if all this was supported by helpful admin staff. Suppliers have a knack of getting clients excited and eager to buy while sometimes I wonder…

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How To Make A Pencil From A Plastic Cup!

Remarkable Recycled Pencil

It’s incredible to watch how these pencils are “resurrected”, it really brings the environmental concept combined with science, to life. Remarkable have very kindly shared their secret recipe. Even the machine that finishes the pencils is pretty extraordinary, sharpening around 9000 pencils an hour. The video showing this recycling process is definitely worth a watch,…

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When It Comes To Promotional Product Suppliers, Are You Better Off “Buying British”?

promotional product suppliers UK

Especially when lead times are, as is too often the case, scarily short. Or does it actually make any difference? Listawood and SPS seem safer options because if something goes wrong during the production process, they’re only “down the road”. And there isn’t the complication of goods being held up at customs or the factory…

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