World Cup 2014. How Should Your Customers Promote It?

Promo Products World Cup 2014

And there doesn’t seem to have been much hype about The World Cup this year (unless you include phycologists or building issues). So what football themed products should your customers be using to promote it? So what do you think? Please let us know. What’s the best way to advertise or what have we missed?…

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What People Will Do To Get A Promotional Gift

Promotional Products Bribe

So surely it’s got to be the promotional pen? But it’s interesting to read the unquestionable power promotional products have and the lengths people will go to get one. A recent ASI study shows that people will really take action to acquire them, covet them and gosh some people even steal them too! So here…

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What Promotional Product Lives The Longest?

What Promo Products Live Forever

So surely it’s got to be the promotional pen? 8 owners is a serious audience and that’s just The Average Pen. What about “favourite” pens? Everybody’s got them, haven’t they? The pen that makes your signature look a little sleeker. Or if you’re on the superstitious side, a “lucky” pen. That pen that will always…

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How Do You Choose The Perfect Promotional Product?

Quality Not Quantity

Perception IS Everything! Marketing departments are advised to keep this statistic in mind “Owners of promotional products remember the company they came from 87% of the time.” Low cost is attractive but can be dangerous. Poor quality items might meet your budget goals but can fall far short when promoting your brand or company. A…

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Top Runners in the 2014 Sochi Olympics

Sochi 2014 Sledging

Now obviously we’re talking mascots and their promotional products not actual athletes! This year there is an Interesting collection of mascots. Let’s start with The Polar Bear He looks cute in a keyring and cuddly toy but he doesn’t look very, well, “athletic” does he? Now The hare is a different story as these creatures…

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Is Time Up For Promotional Calendars?

Promotional Calendar Are They Out Of Date

An article in The New Hampshire Union Leader states In 2009, Promotional Products Association International reported promotional calendars generated $1.12 billion in revenue, or about 7% of the $15.6 billion promotional product industry. Calendars were then one of the top five items businesses used to market their products. Back then the average household in America…

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