How Successful Business Owners Think?

Promo Business Success

Here are five mindsets that lead to success! Want to find out more? Sign up to our 27 Awesome Growth Hacks below and we will let you in on the secret of some practical, high value activities that will help your business thrive.

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World Cup 2014. How Should Your Customers Promote It?

Promo Products World Cup 2014

And there doesn’t seem to have been much hype about The World Cup this year (unless you include phycologists or building issues). So what football themed products should your customers be using to promote it? So what do you think? Please let us know. What’s the best way to advertise or what have we missed?…

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Never Skype In Your Pyjamas

Working in your PJs

Excellent advice! And it doesn’t stop there. Here are four more things the Guardian’s Home Business Hub suggest you take into consideration when working from home. Which leads us nicely on to a little shameless plug. You can run your promotional gift business from home effortlessly with Promosoftware. It is tailor made for the promotional…

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Can’t Get The Staff? How About Referrals?

referral handshake

Honestly, I don’t know. This is something many Small Business Owners struggle with. Do you think the Old Boy’s Network is dated? A recent report from Nedbank, South Africa states otherwise. Apparently “40% of small business owners stated referrals were their preferred recruitment method, which supports an international small business trend that has led to…

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Is Facebook Really Liking Small Businesses?

Facebook Likes Your Promo Business

Have you explored Google+ yet? Do you enjoy the quirkiness of Twitter and getting your point across in 140 characters or do you prefer the familiarity of Facebook? Looking at Facebook from a business perspective, I’m starting to realise how clever and proactive it is. Even though revenue is up, Facebook aren’t just resting on…

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Would You Take Advice From An 8 Year Old Entrepreneur?

Lemonade stand business

An 8 year old boy decided to sell lemonade to his classmates to raise money for charity. He discussed his concept with his classmates in 3 presentations. The problem was very few of them liked or bought the lemonade. Did he give up? No. He was advised to sell to other classes but instead he…

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