Santa! The Ultimate Staff Incentive.

Lady In Santa Outfit

I’ll be honest, managing staff is something I’ve struggled with.

In the past, I always found the more pleasant and reasonable a boss has been to me, the more enthusiastic I was and so the harder I worked.

This approach has never worked for me when employing people. The nicer I was the more I got pushed over and bored with “I can’t come into work, I’ve broken a nail” stories. I toyed with not being nice but it’s just not in my nature to be bovine, well not at work anyway.

I’m starting to understand that being a successful Manager, may be down to understanding an individual’s motivation. Some people are inspired by good things, they want to work hard for long term gain, others want to work hard to avoid bad things happening.

In the run up to Christmas my little girls have Santa sticker charts which can be filled with Happy or Sad Santa’s. The thought of a Sad Santa fills 5 year old Isabella with horror, the fact that she’s disappointed someone genuinely upsets her.

4 year old Jemima barely notices the Sad Santas, she knows that to get a visit from the Big Man In Red, she needs to focus on getting as many happy Stickers as she can. Yes there may be the odd sad one on the way but Jemima is playing the long game.

It’s made me realise successful Management is pivotal to motivation and therefore much more complex than I initially thought.

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