When It Comes To Promotional Product Suppliers, Are You Better Off “Buying British”?

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Are UK distributors better off buying from a British Manufacturer?

Especially when lead times are, as is too often the case, scarily short. Or does it actually make any difference?

Listawood and SPS seem safer options because if something goes wrong during the production process, they’re only “down the road”. And there isn’t the complication of goods being held up at customs or the factory disappearing.

Plus it feels good to be supporting the Local Economy, doesn’t it?

Then I look at Flashbay who (without wanting to tempt fate) effortlessly ship branded USB sticks from China within 6 days. And I think the only problem I ever had with a Flashbay order was ironically down to a UK courier.

So does the location of where a promotional product is manufactured really make a difference?

If “Something Does Go Wrong” with a branded order on a tight deadline, you’re pretty stuffed if the supplier is down the road or the other side of the globe.

Plus I’m pretty sure we support the British Economy in so many other ways!

So Here's The Question...

With advanced technology, enabling better contact with China do you think it makes it easier and cost effective to buy direct or is buying Local the right thing to do?
It'd be great to hear what you think.

So please tell us your comments below.

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