Just Who Do You Think You Are?

Small business magicians

Magician? Dogsbody? Promo Business Owner?

It’s a difficult question when someone asks you what you do because owning a company distributing promotional gifts means you probably have to do anything and everything. It might even be easier to say what you “don’t” do.

But here’s a question, as a business owner...

Who should you be?

Reading Richard Branson’s, “Business Stripped Bare” answers this question. Basically it took all the cash Virgin Atlantic had to get the planes sorted and the business established.

There was no money left for marketing.

Branson however realised that his job was not about running the airline but marketing the airline. It’s why he did all he could to get his name and brand in the press.

He couldn’t afford the big marketing spends of his competitors but he knew that unless he marketed his airline effectively then it would never, quite literally get off the ground.

It makes sense, no matter how great your product range or customer service is, if you don’t market and sell your company, your business could just wither away and disappear.

To be a successful business owner, you must become your own Marketing Director.

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