Is Time Up For Promotional Calendars?

Promotional Calendar Are They Out Of Date

Where Have The Promotional Calendars Gone?

An article in The New Hampshire Union Leader states In 2009, Promotional Products Association International reported promotional calendars generated $1.12 billion in revenue, or about 7% of the $15.6 billion promotional product industry.

Calendars were then one of the top five items businesses used to market their products.

Back then the average household in America used to receive around 12 calendars from assorted local businesses.

Promotional calendars used to compete for that coveted key spot in the kitchen where a company’s name and contact information would be on display for 365 days. But today, despite the emphasis on branding and name recognition, fewer businesses are opting to spend their cash on them.

“A big part of that is technology,” said Nicole Gula of Gula Promotions in Stratham, who hasn’t had any orders this year for promotional calendars. “Today, most people just turn on their phones for a calendar.”

Smartphones can now give all the information you need about meetings, anniversaries and birthdays. Even doctors and dentists are using text messages to remind patients of appointments.

The good news is that clients are still spending but choosing other types of items such as travel mugs, flash drives, torches and of course, you can never go wrong with pens.

You can find the full story here

So Here’s The Question…

Have promotional calendars become dated and been replaced with digital versions?
Or will they always have a place on your wall or desk?

So please tell us your comments below.

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