Is Facebook Really Liking Small Businesses?

Facebook Likes Your Promo Business

What’s your favourite social media channel?

Have you explored Google+ yet? Do you enjoy the quirkiness of Twitter and getting your point across in 140 characters or do you prefer the familiarity of Facebook?

Looking at Facebook from a business perspective, I’m starting to realise how clever and proactive it is. Even though revenue is up, Facebook aren’t just resting on their laurels. According to a recent Mashable report. Facebook believes that small businesses are a significant source of untapped revenue.

Although Facebook currently has 1 million advertisers, there are 25 million active small businesses on the Facebook platform. So in reality, only 4% of businesses who currently use Facebook to connect with their customers use it’s paid advertising program.

Dan Levy, Facebook’s director of small businesses explains “many small businesses don’t have a product ready for an advertising campaign. Others may have only one or two employees, so finding time or resources to advertise isn’t always easy.”

Facebook is trying to prepare for when these businesses are ready. Simplifying and eliminating some of the work needed to set up a campaign. Instead of having to specify age groups, interests or education experience for its target audience, a company can now write their post, and simply attach a budget to it.

So Here's The Question...

Are you using Facebook adverts in your business? With the changes being made to posts from your business pages is Facebook forcing you into advertising on their platform?

Please tell us your experience / view below.

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