How To Make A Pencil From A Plastic Cup!

Remarkable Recycled Pencil

Have you ever wondered how recycled products are actually made?

It’s incredible to watch how these pencils are “resurrected”, it really brings the environmental concept combined with science, to life.

Remarkable have very kindly shared their secret recipe.

  • The cups are put in a machine to grind into plastic flakes
  • This makes them small enough to be stuffed into a machine called an Extruder
  • The Extruder melts and mixes the plastic flakes together
  • Then the mixture comes out like a long piece of spaghetti
  • It’s then cooled and formed into evenly formed pellets
  • Pellets are fed into Remarkable machines giving them a whole new life as a pencil

Even the machine that finishes the pencils is pretty extraordinary, sharpening around 9000 pencils an hour.

The video showing this recycling process is definitely worth a watch, to see it for yourself please click here.

So Here's The Question...

Do you think eco friendly products give us more of an incentive to recycle? We’d love to hear your take on recycled Promotional products.

So please tell us your comments below.

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