How Do You Choose The Perfect Promotional Product?

Quality Not Quantity

Well according to a recent ASI study these 3 words should help.

Perception IS Everything!

Marketing departments are advised to keep this statistic in mind

“Owners of promotional products remember the company they came from 87% of the time.”

Low cost is attractive but can be dangerous. Poor quality items might meet your budget goals but can fall far short when promoting your brand or company. A cheap or poorly constructed item can have a very negative impact.

Have you ever seen a promotional umbrella that’s been discarded in a bin as it’s ironically been weather damaged? If you’re relying on that umbrella to protect you from the rain and it lets you down by breaking, you’ll remember the company advertising on it for all the wrong reasons, right?

Similarly the cheap pens, given away at banks are great but if you put them in your bag and they leak or break, you find yourself irritated probably with the pen and possibly with the company who gave it to you.

Conversely, a well thought out, good quality promotional product can work wonders for your brand. The ASI report cleverly suggest you think of it like page ranking. The higher quality the link, the better the link. And well manufactured merchandise positively advertises your brand far into the future.

So what do you think?

Is quality everything or are promotional products just about getting your company name out there?

We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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