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Did you Know Everything Environmental Are Expanding In The Eurozone?

It’s true, Everything Environmental have announced they’re taking full ownership of their European sister company, Eco Promo GmbH based in Wurzburg, Germany.

In 2008, Eco Promo was originally set up as a joint venture between Everything Environmental and Memo AG (Germany’s largest environmental stationery supplier).

Just recently the deal to buy back Memo AG’s 50% shareholding was finalised.
Eco Promo is exactly the same business model as Everything Environmental, a trade only supplier of environmentally friendly promotional gifts.

The 2 companies will fully integrate over the next few months and it’s encouraging to hear many of the operational functions are being brought back into Everything Environmental’s office in Bristol, in the UK.

French and German speakers have already joined the UK team and have started training in preparation to increase sales within Europe.

It’s refreshing to hear about a British company doing the buying out, not being bought out.

Don’t you just love a success story?

What’s more Everything Environmental are still focusing on what their customer’s actually need. They’re offering a choice of pens, including the Realta printed in 3 days, no express charges.

A company that offers such quick turnaround and great value deserves to do well, don’t you think?

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