Do Suppliers Support Or Shaft Their Customers?

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Suppliers invest so much in getting customers interested in what they have to sell.

They spend a fortune on Sales Reps, glossy catalogues and exhibiting at Trade Shows. But does any of this really help a distributor increase their revenue?

Well maybe it would, if all this was supported by helpful admin staff. Suppliers have a knack of getting clients excited and eager to buy while sometimes I wonder if they should concentrate on injecting a little enthusiasm into their sales offices.

This may be controversial but Sales Administrators in this industry are notorious for taking power trips with paperwork. I shudder to think how many trees are destroyed on the insistence we print, sign, scan or fax approved proofs over. Are Distributors really that untrustworthy?

You hear that age old phrase “people buy from people” but it’s rarely followed up. Yes, it can be monotonous being stuck in an office answering calls and emails, so surely it’d be more fun to interact and even empathise with your customer’s. After all they’re the ones, buying your products and keeping you in a job.

Administrators are right, they do have the power but some could use this power to make the industry a happier place. So just like Suppliers encourage customers to buy, I think they also have the responsibility of getting staff to sell.

So Here’s The Question…

I’d certainly spend more cash with someone who’s enthusiastic and nice to me, what about you?

So please tell us your comments below.

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