Catalogues…The Curse Of The Promotional Industry

Stacks of catalogues

So much has changed in the Promotional Gift Industry over the last 10 years.

Free catalogues used to be a great way of suppliers getting their products in front of distributors.

This morning, I find myself irritated at the arrival of yet another catalogue that was delivered by courier. I realise the company concerned are just trying to keep us updated of products and services but paper catalogues and courier delivery just seem unnecessary now.

And I think I’ve realised why.

This is the first Christmas I didn’t pick up the Argos Catalogue. Just like Marketing Managers leave ordering until the last minute, this year so did I. I had to because the needs of my customers (my two little girls) are continually changing. So I must leave buying until the last minute.

When I do buy, I will need to find out stock situations immediately and if my first choice isn’t available find alternative products. Similarly this is how I think the promotional industry works now. We need to find out stock levels quickly as deadlines are tighter.

Besides, so often information printed in catalogues is out of date before it hits a distributor’s desk. Websites are continually updated.

It pains me to write this as I think catalogues will always have a special place in my heart but for me websites are definitely a more accurate way of finding out information.

So Here’s The Question…

What’s your preference online or on paper?
Are you a finger licker then page flicker or keyboard wizard where the need for speed is essential.

So please us know in the comments below.

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