Adding Colours, Images And Categories To Products

Once you have entered your product into PromoSoftware product software you can add extra details easily.

Find the product you want to add details too and click View. Then add the extra details by completing these steps (or watch the video below).

  • Once you have clicked View on the product entry you will find yourself in the product detail screen.
  • If your product needs any special data you can add a custom field by entering the title in the left coloumn and clicking add filed.
  • Enter your colour in the Colours section and add the suppliers product code (if applicable) and press the Add button.
  • Enter your product categories in the Categories section and press the Add button.
  • Add your products images by clicking on the Add Image link at the top of the details screen and selecting your image to upload.
  • Please note the image size recommendations in the image window.

Your product details have been updated to the PromoSoftware product software.

Product Software UK - Adding Colours, Images And Categories To Products – Video

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