Ad Specialities Software That Will Make Your Promo Business More Profitable.

PromoSofware contains the tools you need to manage your ad specialty business
from almost anywhere, saving you time and helping you increase profits.

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Twelve Features Of PromoSoftware Your Business Is Sure To Benefit From.

Essential Software Features For Your Ad Specialties Distributor Business

  • Easy Quoting

    Create quotes quickly and link them to a central enquiry so you can keep track of projects. Once your product and client information is entered, the information will be in the system for all future quotes and projects.

  • Simple Invoicing

    You can convert quotes or sales into invoices with one click ensuring your invoicing is completed quickly and accurately.

  • Complete CRM Management

    Store all your client, supplier and business contact details in one place. This information can be easily be accessed when creating client quotes or supplier purchase orders.

  • Quickly Raise Purchase Orders

    You can convert any existing sale or invoice into a purchase order with just one click. Or create a new purchase order in less than a couple of minutes.

  • Comprehensive Enquiry Management

    Keep track of how each enquiry is performing while linking all documents together  to make your customer’s buying experience smoother and easier while letting you find past data quickly on repeat purchases.

  • Software For Performance

    All you key numbers and tasks in one dashboard screen. The perfect place to start your day and get an overview of your business.

  • See Your Daily Tasks Clearly

    Your to do list is displayed clearly, so you know exactly what must be done to keep your customers (and suppliers) happy while running your business smoothly and successfully.

  • Invaluable Reporting

    It’s crucial to find out how your company is performing so you can work on the weaker areas and exploit the strengths. You can now run reports to find out vital numbers within your business so you can successfully develop it.

  • Efficient Order Acknowledgements

    This will give you and your client peace of mind as to exactly what they have ordered and where or when it must be delivered to avoid costly errors later on.

  • Thorough Production Scheduling

    Often there are many stages when producing promotional products. You can create a schedule to manage each purchase so you don’t miss anything, ensuring your orders are fulfilled on time.

  • Software For Product Management

    You can enter as you quote or import using .csv files all colour and size variations of promotional products you offer. This information is stored so you can use it for future customer enquiries.

  • Sell Almost Anywhere

    Whatever currency you buy or sell in, PromoSoftware was developed to work in any currency. Set a base currency when you sign up, turn on the multi currency feature and you can quote in one currency, buy in another and get your reporting in your base currency.

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Why We Created PromoSoftware

After many years of waiting in August 2009, I became a Dad for the first time. It was tough juggling a promotional business and a baby. I’d feel guilty being at work because I wanted to be with my baby and guilty when I was with my baby because I knew there were things I should be doing at work to ensure I provided for her.

Then unexpectedly 14 months later, my second daughter arrived. Something had to change, I had to get the work/life balance right. I started to look for some industry specific software that would help me be more flexible with where I worked so I could spend more time with my babies.

There was just nothing around that either wasn’t ridiculously expensive or packed full of products that I didn’t want to offer my customers. It all seemed difficult to implement and use which kind of defeated the object.

I wanted software for my promotional business that would:

  • Let me run my promotional business from anywhere be it at home or on the road;
  • Eliminate the time I wasted on admin or duplicating information;
  • Be fast to implement and easy to use so I could get started straightaway;
  • Most importantly give my back my life so I could spend more time with my girls;

I couldn’t find what I needed so I decided to build it.

Initially I'd intended to build it just for me. One day I got chatting to my Bank Manager about this new project. She said "if you can build it really easy to use, why wouldn't any promotional distributor use it?" And that is how PromoSoftware began.

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PromoSoftware Works In Harmony With...

Xero - Beautiful Accounting Software

Xero - Beautiful Accounting Software

MailChimp - Amazing Email Marketing

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Dropbox - Superb File Storage

Dropbox - Superb File Storage

Sagepay - Take Card Payments Simply

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And our public API lets you integrate PromoSoftware with almost anything.
Plus we have a....

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Click To Try Now - Get 30 Days FreeThis Is A Free Trial. A Credit Card Is NOT Required

Any Questions? Here Are
The Most Frequently Asked Ones.

  • q-iconExactly How Much Does PromoSoftware Cost?

    After the 30 day free trial you can continue the single user version for just £25 or the multi user for £40. You can unsubscribe instantly at any time as you’re not tied into any contract.

  • q-iconHow Do I Cancel?

    Cancelling is easy, you simply log into your account and select the “One Click Cancel” button. We want you to be completely happy with PromoSoftware so should you decide it’s not for you there will be no questions asked. Better still you can even download your data into a .csv format which you can open in other programmes to use in the future.

  • q-iconThis Software Sounds Great But Is It Complicated?

    PromoSoftware is surprisingly easy to use. It’s intuitive so if you’re using other programs like Word or Excel you’ll be fine. Plus once you’ve entered the bulk of products and contacts, it get’s even easier to use as all the information is stored for future reference. If you’ve got any concerns at all we’re here to help.

  • q-iconI Already Have A Variety Of Software To Run My Business, Why Do I Need PromoSoftware?

    One of the many benefits of PromoSoftware is that it’s ad specialty industry specific software so you have pretty much everything to manage your business in one package. So you contacts, leads, products, quotes, sales, invoices, purchasing, tasks and reporting can all be linked together in one easy to use system.

  • q-iconDo I Have To Buy All Elements Of The Software?

    Your £25 single or £40 multi User packages cover everything. There are no hidden extras. Right now you may think there are features, you might not need. Once you learn more about the software you’ll see how it all links together and how you can use it to it’s full potential to manage and develop your business.

  • q-iconIs It Going To Be A Hassle To Start Using A New System?

    Initially you may have to allocate a little time to learn the basics of PromoSoftware but help is always at hand. There is a full suite of help videos, blog posts and support you can request. And all the modules work the same so once you know how one works, you know how they all work.

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